4 responses to “Video: Song for You

  1. bonne voyage,megan. i always enjoy watching u dance &learning from u, i always wanted to take ballet,so i just got a book @ elementary school library,learned a lot.have a nice trip,hope u find a great job,my late hubby’s brother lives n independence,i have been to ft. leonardwood and saw some of missouri,it is nice,big front porches,i live n desert,somex i miss green,well different shaour cacti r blooming out here and soon the harvest of sahuaro fruit begins,it is a great process,the jelly tastes a lot like plum,which grows wild n missouri,we had them on roadsides n oklahoma ,and grapes,berries,just had 2 watch for mr, cottonmouth.i canned a lot when i lived n center of country,will u keep a blog,which we all can continue to enjoy? i know if i were movin there,i would have horses again.i think you r very courageous,it takes guts to venture,but i always loved new faces and places,u will b fine,abientot,gypsy

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