Bukowski Video

For my senior seminar project at Truman State University, I choreographed a modern/butoh-inspired dance based off a Charles Bukowski novel, “Women.” It was meant to be a completely unaesthetically pleasing dance that reflected Bukowksi’s writing style and his content. I ended up changing parts of it for the Trav’lin Home show, and this is what it morphed into. I would love some feedback. It’s not meant to be pretty, but I hope it’s interesting.

3 responses to “Bukowski Video

  1. Very interesting. I enjoyed this, and did not find it unpleasing to watch. To me, it seemed like each of these characters were different faces of the main character, as she was interacting with herself in different facets of her life. I haven’t read the book, so I honestly have no idea what it is supposed to be about.

  2. I have a video to suggest for your next video feature:

    It is AMAZING. Just watch it and see. And Rachel Brice herself commented on it to praise it, so you know it’s good.


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