Goodbye, Japan… Hello, Canada!

The last show came and went and was less stress than I anticipated, largely because we had already sold 80 percent of what we brought to Japan. That night was uneventful , besides me seeing a building that said “Fucking Garage” (some signs have the most interesting English translations). I came home and crashed.

In the morning, Moria, Cecilia, Nathalie and I dashed to the market to buy some last minute clothes. Moria, power-shopper extraordinaire, ended the morning with armfuls of bags. I came home with only souvenirs and a pair of socks. Oh well, I guess I have to come back to Japan someday. We said goodbye to our Japanese sponsors and began the arduous process of getting 20 people and close to 60 pieces of luggage checked in and ready to fly. Everyone ran around in the airport buying last-minute goodies before boarding two planes – an hour flight from Osaka to Tokyo and the longer flight from Tokyo to LA. It’s amazing to think we’re actual time traveling – we will be arriving in LA an hour or so before we left for the airport in Japan. Crazy stuff. My TV didn’t work on the flight, so I got a voucher for Japan Airlines – another reason to return.

Once we arrived in LA at 11, we went to a hotel near LAX. I got to room with Sabah, which we were really excited about — that is, until the jet lag set in and we both become zombies. I got my Japan pictures developed, and Sabah fell asleep 3 times in a row at the same point in the same House episode (I’m not sure she ever finished it).

This morning, we flew to Vancouver. We’re staying at a casino, and I’m spending the rest of the day trying to get caught up and choreographing. The shows begin tomorrow!

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