Second Day in Japan

It was a good day all around – I finally got to talk to Mark on Skype, I explored a little bit of Tokyo on my own, I bought a disposable camera, and I’m starting to learn some Japanese that will never come in useful later in life (“That is 1000 yen/ 2000 yen/ 3000 yen” and I say “arregato” more than I probably should). There were two shows today, and we sold out of almost everything we brought. Miles packed 15-20 complete costumes (which range anywhere from $250 to $500) and we’ve sold all but five so far. I’m starting to worry we aren’t going to have anything to sell when we get to the next place in Japan.

I am so grateful for the two girls helping me sell – I am able to get around with hand gestures and knowing basic, basic Japanese, but it goes so much faster and easier with the girls here. They help me restock the table and help a lot with the money. They are adorable, too. We all took pictures together, and the Universal Records guys (who have a table next to us) were laughing at us.

At one point I thought I lost my wallet with all my yen and my ID, but luckily it was at the merch table. Now the only thing I can’t locate is my calendar, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t all that important, only mildly irritating that I can’t find it.

I’ve got to go, the show is about to end and we’re about to be flooded once more with people.


One response to “Second Day in Japan

  1. How great to read your blog, Megan. It reminds me of me in Germany 50+ years ago – homesick but loving the new experiences.

    You will look back on this with wonderful memories, just as Papa and I have done all these years. A once in a lifetime experience and I’m so, so proud of you.

    I tell everyone I see, “My granddaughter is in Japan”. They are suitably impressed!!

    Love, Grandma

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