Leaving Tokyo

So I did more exploring in Tokyo, close to the venue, the U-Port Theater. I went into a bookstore, Starbucks, and I went to a gas station place. I thought I was buying a change purse, but when I showed it to Manatsu, one of the girls helping me, she laughed and mimed smoking – I guess it’s a pocket ashtray. Oh well, it holds all my coin yen, too. I saw some sushi at the gas station and considered buying it to say I’ve eaten sushi in Japan, but I figured that eating gas station sushi is probably a bad idea anywhere you are – even in Japan.

I hope the next venue or my hotel at the next place we visit has plugs I can plug my computer into and wireless internet. I am really going to miss Yuni and Manatsu, my helpers. I hope the next place has as good of helpers, too!
I’m really excited for some things coming up at home. I have a couple of performances lined up, I’m dancing with Los Desterrados, and Bootee Camp is the weekend I get back. Mark and I are planning a mini-trip to St. Louis, too. Good stuff.

I just found out that in the fall I will be going to Taiwan, South America (Peru and Argentina, maybe), another U.S. tour, Paris, England, Morocco and Spain. There are a lot of places to hit in 2 and a half months.

Another highlight of my day was taking the Jillina workshop. It was my first workshop in a foreign language. Jillina is so sweet — I didn’t get to eat today so she bought me soup when I got back to the hotel, and Jillina, Lauren, Sabah and I hung out in her room for awhile watching youtube videos. It was a good night all around. Tomorrow we’re taking the bullet train to our next location – I’ll take lots of pictures!

3 responses to “Leaving Tokyo

  1. I am so jealous of your adventures! I’m glad that you’ve decided to write about them this time around, and look forward to reading more about you achieving your dreams! Hang in there, it will happen!

  2. hey megan,

    i am so glad i stumbled across your blog today and got to read all about your trip! the last time i saw katie, she mentioned that you were taking this job. i am so excited for you! it seems like a really amazing experience. i can’t wait to keep reading and see all of the other places you go. i’m actually going to be in south korea and japan this summer for a few weeks. it sounds wonderful.

    have a great time. keep writing often!

    – tricia

  3. YAY – you get to continue your travels! I’m so happy for you – and so proud. The travel bag is the happiest little deerskin pouch on the planet. I might have to ask for some time with it again after you return from all these fabulous places!
    love you!

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